Ingredients that support health

We are particular about raw materials

Soft-shelled turtle moromi is a supplement that combines the nutrition of soft-shelled turtle and moromi vinegar. We use domestically produced soft-shelled turtle and moromi vinegar, and are particular about the ingredients. It contains the amino acids that make up the body and the minerals that the body needs in a well-balanced manner to support health. Incorporating it will improve the circulation of the whole body and improve the function of the body. Soft-shelled turtle moromi is a soft soft capsule. It is sensitive to heat and may melt if managed in a hot place. When storing it, it is recommended to place it in a cool and well-ventilated place. When people who take medicine usually take it, the effect of the medicine may not be exhibited well. People taking medication should consult with their doctor in advance.

Bulk buying makes it cheaper

Soft-shelled turtle moromi amino acids have the effect of burning fat. It’s also ideal for dieting as it makes it harder for you to get fat on your body. The time to take soft-shelled turtle moromi is not fixed, but it is recommended to take it before exercise. If you supplement at this timing, the fat burning effect will be further improved. Soft-shelled turtle moromi contains collagen to prevent sagging. If you take it every day, it will improve your skin to be shiny, beautiful and healthy. Collagen also has the effect of keeping internal organs, nails and blood vessels strong. Soft-shelled turtle moromi is sold on the official website. If you apply for a subscription, you can buy it at a great price. It will be even cheaper if you buy in bulk.